Hi there! Welcome to The Sassy Mom, a Lifestyle Blog of a soon-to-be-emptynester. I’ve spent the last 20+yrs making a career out of being a stay home mom to our 7 kids and, well….I’m only 2 years from our youngest going to college so I need a plan! What will I do with my time? How to make dinner for two? More time for hobbies? Naked Days with my husband!? Yes, please!

I’m a Certified Professional Coach, an Artist & Illustrator, Trophy Wife, Motherhood Maven, Fun-Haver, Pretty Things Admirer, and Chocolate Lover.

Over the next 2 years, and beyond, life will change as I enter Empty-Nester-Hood, but never fear, I’ll make the most of it and bring you along for the ride. While I’m figuring it out I’ll be playing with my Art & Illustration business, my Personal Style through fun and color, upgrading my Goals + Vision Boards, creating new Marriage Goals, prioritizing Exercise and Fitness for a healthy and long life, Redefining Motherhood, Decorating my Home, and ways to keep our Home & Family a priority.

The Sassy Mom features content written by founder, Kristin Maynes, plus a variety of guest posts from my husband, possibly my kids, maybe a friend or two, and most definitely my Mom – she just doesn’t know it yet.

This blog is in honor of all the Moms out there that put their heart and souls into Motherhood just to be drained and out of breathe at the end of the day, with nothing to give back to herself or her spouse. There’s no doubt Motherhood is a gift and I treasure it too, but if we don’t fill our cups we will end up being a dehydrated mess running on fumes.