101 List

This is my list of 101 LIst of what I want to Be, Do, and Have. I’m adding to my list as I go until I get to 101. Bold lines have been completed….yay! I reserve the right to remove items if they no longer serve my big goals. I got the idea from Jack Canfield and thought it was an interesting and fun thing to do!

  1. Blog consistently for one year.
  2. Write in a Journal for a year.
  3. Take our family to Disney World and Harry Potter.
  4. Etsy Shop. – March 2021
  5. Sell my artwork at a Craft Fair.
  6. Invest in a Chocolate Company.
  7. Louis Vuitton Mono Agenda MM.
  8. Design a Typeface/Font.
  9. Attend Jack Canfield One Day to Greatness.  -August 2017
  10. Meet Jack Canfield & Get a picture with him. -August 2017
  11. Invest in a Lake House rental in Utah.
  12. Take a Hula class to see if I like it….so fun! – September 2022
  13. Hilarious Midlife Podcast.
  14. Learn Spanish.
  15. Attend a NFL game with my husband. – 49ers
  16. Teach Watercolor classes – completed several times
  17. Learn ASL.
  18. Buy a 1979 Mercedes 450SL Cream Convertible
  19. Enter my Art in an Art Show.
  20. Live to be a healthy 92yr old. 🙂
  21. Turn an old building into art studios for Artists.
  22. Attend Jack Canfield Breakthrough to Success. – August 2018
  23. Share my Super Mom Interrupted story with 5 people I admire.
  24. Learn to Standup Paddle Board (SUP).
  25. Take Violin Lessons.
  26. Lava Hot Springs, Idaho.
  27. Attend a Speaking Course. – October 2017
  28. License my Artwork with Target.
  29. License my Artwork with Grandin Road.
  30. Purchase a new 2019 Cadillac Xt5. – January 2, 2019
  31. Spontaneous Date Night flight to anywhere.
  32. Custom Pool Oasis & Outdoor Living Space.
  33. Fly somewhere and back the same day. – December 2017
  34. Learn to paint Pet Portraits.
  35. Take July OFF 2019/2020/2021/2022
  36. Hire a Mentor. – ongoing
  37. Upgrade our house/buy a new home. – May 2021
  38. Fly First Class with my husband.
  39. One of my paintings published in a magazine. – Cadillac Magazine Jan/Feb 2018
  40. Design T-shirts.
  41. Teach Vision Board classes to teens.
  42. Take a trip to Kate Spade. – Vegas & Colorado
  43. Week long vacation with just my husband, alone. – Colorado Springs August 2022
  44. Family Christmas Vacation Polar Express / Grand Canyon Railway & Hotel.
  45. New Cadillac Escalade.
  46. Chloe Mini C bag in Red/Pink/Blush. – July 2022
  47. Stationery & Paper Goods line with my illustrations.
  48. Freedom Photo in the mountains.
  49. Visit all 50 States with my husband.
  50. Plan a solo Mom-Away weekend.
  51. Cross Country Ski.
  52. Learn how to shoot a Bow & Arrow.
  53. Pink Highlights in my hair. I love it! – 2022
  54. Learn how to make fancy candies; chocolates, spun sugar, etc.
  55. Louis Vuitton Neverfull Mono MM
  56. New Website and Branding for The Sassy Mom – July 2023
  57. Buy a Silhouette Machine to make stickers. – December 2020
  58. Become a philanthropist. Donate $10k a month for a year.
  59. My home featured in a magazine.
  60. Christmas Cookie Exchange Party at my house.
  61. Jackalope Mount in my office.
  62. Start a Company with my siblings.
  63. Design a Fabric Collection on Spoonflower.
  64. Run a 5k.
  65. Write a book.
  66. Go on a Roller Coaster as an Adult with my family – Lagoon October 2021
  67. Visit the Ice Castles, Midway, Utah
  68. Weekend Trip to Leavenworth WA
  69. Listen to the Book of Mormon every year. 2013-2022
  70. See the Northern Lights.
  71. Stay in a Castle. Glen Eyre Castle, Colorado Springs, CO. – Sept 2022

It’s a fun work in progress. I’ll continue to add to my list as I come up with ideas