Fun with Pink Hair

Way back about 15yrs ago, I had a friend who had blonde hair with pink highlights. It was beautiful! I mean, pink hair is more fun right, why not go for it?! My hair was darker back then so I thought it wasn’t an option and I felt like it would be too childish on me, after all I was a mom of 7 kids not a teenager!

I never stopped wanting pink in my hair!….but I always felt like it would be silly, so I didn’t ask for it! All those years settling for what I thought I was supposed to do, be a ‘grownup’, act my age, etc. Sad.

But then, I asked for it! and I’m never looking back!

After our daughter passed, I was left with letting go of my old me and rebuilding without her. It was sad, lonely, depressing! She was a constant in our family, larger than life, independent, her needs were 24/7, easily her challenges out-weighed our other 6 kids combined, but she was worth it! All until that day she was gone, the emptiness was so deep, I had not idea how to live day to day without her, my days were lonely for sure.

At the 2yr mark of her passing I decided to start living, not just live but to make the most of my life – like she always did! She’s was a go-getter and what she wanted she found a way! Living each moment to the fullest! Pink hair was the first thing I did and I’m loved it!

It’s been almost a year of adding pink to my hair at almost every salon appt and I’ve never been happier with my hair! Little did I know that my husband would love it as much as I do! It’s a win-win! I’m definitely having more fun with pink hair!

It fades between appts into a lighter pink that I love! I don’t regret adding pink to my hair and I’m not too old for it!

Are you waiting to do something that will bring you joy? Don’t wait, it’s better to try than to wonder forever!

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