Freebie Halloween Desktop Wallpaper

Freebie Halloween Desktop Wallpaper

Who loves a fun wallpaper? ME! I wanted a cute wallpaper to welcome me every time I open my computer so I painted these Halloween illustrations and played in Photoshop.

My illustrations are some of my favorite things! I get so excited seeing them on paper after I’ve finished them and sometimes even more excited seeing them online.

Fun Fact…. I have a hard time parting with my paintings. I enjoy making reproductions, sharing or selling them, but I’m rarely excited to part with them.

I used Winsor Newton Pan Watercolors and I love them! It took me a few years to invest in professional watercolors and I’m so glad I did! The paints are so pigmented and bright. In the future I want to try Winsor Newton tube watercolors and Acryla Gouache.

Download your Halloween Wallpaper here.

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