SAHM to Empty Nester’hood

A few weeks ago it occurred to me that 4 years from now, September 2024, I’ll be an Empty Nester! My youngest, of 7 kids, will start college and I’ll be home a.l.o.n.e. I won’t lie….it’s gonna be the best everrrrr! It will, trust me, I’ll be walking around my house naked just because I can, and my husband will take a long vacation to join me! And, with all money we save from not buying groceries, I’ll have a pool put in the backyard, skinny dipping duh!


Going from a 17 yr 24/7 SAHMom to an Empty Nester has me a little rattled. I welcome change, I value change, I enjoy new adventures, but this isn’t only a change, it’s an end of a chapter, the end of my Stay at Home Career – the only career I ever wanted, and retirement is just 4 short years away. I’m ready but I’m not ready.

I’ve spent so many hours, days, months, playing with hobbies, certifications, a class here and there, but a blank slate is coming.

So, after brainstorming, blog reading, and binge watching YouTube, I came up with a list of things I’m considering working towards:

  1. Go to school. I’m looking into Ensign College.
  2. Professional Pool Installer
  3. Full-time Artist & Graphic Designer
  4. Dog Walker, for only my dog
  5. YouTuber, that would be hilarious
  6. Professional Tourist
  7. Contemporary Dancer
  8. Chocolate Taster
  9. Lifestyle Blogger

So many great options! I’m excited to see where I end up.

Articles, Books and Blogs I’m reading to better prepare me for Empty Nester’hood:

  1. Pen & Parent article
  2. Empty Nest Blessed blog
  3. From Mom to Me Again -Melissa T. Shultz book
  4. Doing Life With Your Adult Children, Keep Your Mouth Shut & the Welcome Mat Out – Jim Burns book

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