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Living My Best Midlife!

Coaching with Flair

Certified Life Enthusiast Coach, specializing in the care of Moms through Personal Self-Care, Goal Setting, Vision Boards, and creating space for Fun! I’m a no-nonsense Coach that doesn’t accept excuses and believes what you put in you get out. I’m here to help you get what you want out of life! Click to get started! Let’s do this!

Our Story

It’s a love story of a Blended Family that blurred the lines of Yours, Mine and Ours, creating a beautiful storm! From blended challenges, to numerous trials, to the loss of our Autistic daughter, we’ve seen it a lot and remain as close as ever! We choose joy, love and fun, while allowing ourselves to feel the feelings of grief and sadness.


Keeping It Real

Lifestyle Blog of a Dreamer, Goal Getter, Trophy Wife, 20yr Stay Home Mom turned Life Enthusiast Coach & Etsy Shop Owner – soon to be Empty Nester. I share my love for goals and getting what you want out of life by going after it!…. with some personal style, date nights, family activities, etc., thrown in too.


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I’m Kristin! My 20+ years as a Stay Home Mom in a Blended Family of 9 (Empty Nester soon) with an Autistic daughter, has taught me the importance of Moms taking care of themselves. You can’t give from an empty cup. It’s time to reconnect and invest in You! Join me in a Coaching Journey to discover how to separate and prioritize your Me/Wife/Mom roles creating a healthier YOU and get you back on track to be the best version of yourself possible! You’re kids want to see you invest in yourself because that’s how they know to invest in themselves!

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