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Simple Midsize Style

This is easily my most worn outfit during the Fall/Winter/Early Spring! It’s a simple outfit to add to your midsize style wardrobe. It’s cozy but still feels like I’m put together. For a less casual outfit I switch out the flats for booties and wear dark jeans, elevates the look a little. And these cute earrings, so light and fun!

This sweater IS my most worn piece in my wardrobe! Thank you LOFT, from a few seasons ago. The hearts scattered all over are my fav! There’s just something about a cute cream sweater that makes me happy. I’m always on the look out for more sweaters to add to my collection! My heart necklace from MADEWELL is my fav right now! it’s dainty and cute! A great way to keep this simple style on point.

Let’s chat about my cute bag! She’s a Chloe Mini C bag…we call her Chloe. She was a goal bag and I finally found her on Fashionphile! She doesn’t hold much, my phone, glasses, a couple cards, lip gloss, keys, and that’s about it, but it doesn’t matter because she’s adorable! She gives this outfit a little pop of color to bring it all together!

It wasn’t that long ago that I didn’t share many pics of me in front of the camera. It’s been a passion project for about 3yrs, I”m learning to love seeing myself in photos. No matter my size, I want to love the person I see looking back at me! I love her!

And here we are at the end with a lovely shot of my feet! Haha! Does anyone else like a good leg and feet shot? Just me?! Ok. I love these jeans, they’re light and fun with some fraying at the bottom. I always have a fun pair of gold flats. They are prob my most worn shoes on a daily basis.

So there you have it! My favorite simple Midsize style staples! Gold flats, jeans, cream sweater, and cute bag!

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