30 Day Walking Challenge

There’s just no words to describe the loss and emptiness from losing a child. As I type this, I just can’t believe it’s been almost two years since our daughter took her last breath. I’ve heard the 2nd year anniversary is a new kind of hard, I didn’t think it was possible until now.

By the end of July I knew I needed to do something to help my sadness and anxiety so I set a goal of exercising, walking and/or swimming, everyday in August. My husband and I walk a lot together after work so it made it a bit easier but I took the opportunity to walk alone many mornings to clear my head.

I walked 24 days out of 31. I walked and swam 9 of those days so I think I did a great job reaching my goal.

Walking helps my sadness. It’s just dumb that she’s gone. Nothing really helps the sadness but I try to convince myself that something helps.

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