Walking for Mental Health

Walking has been one of the most beneficial ways I keep my Mental Health in check. (I shared a post here about how walking helps with the loss of our daughter) My husband and I started walking regularly years ago, around 2010, it’s been a joy to have this time together. I enjoy the time outside and I love the mountain views with the blue sky, it’s magical!

Walking for Mental Health

I definitely notice if it’s been a few days between walks, there’s just something about being outside that energizes me and lets my mind let go and slow down. Many times we’ll walk over 2 miles with hardly saying anything, just enjoying being together… kinda like mini dates! My Mental Health is super important to me so walking is part of my weekly routine.

Benefits of Walking from the book of Kristin:

  1. A body in motion stays in motion
  2. Great for Heart Health
  3. Reduces Stress & Anxiety
  4. Build & Keep Muscle
  5. Reduces Boredom
  6. Increases Happiness
  7. Feeling of Accomplishment
  8. Helps with Digestion
  9. It’s Fun!

I’ll walk in any shoes too! It may be silly but I don’t care, cute shoes make me happy too! I wear walking shoes sometimes, but I’ll go in what I’m wearing, even if it means walking in flats. haha! Don’t get me wrong, I love cute athletic shoes and outfits too, but I use the motto ‘go as you are’ to keep walks a part of my life.

See, here’s proof! Shoes are just a fun way to brighten my day, especially when doing exercise, walking, etc. Personally, if I workout at home I don’t usually wear shoes but that’s another post entirely! haha!

Now that I’m an Empty Nester, I don’t have a lot pulling me in different directions like I did with 7 kids at home; carpool, appts, dinner, etc. So it’s important to keep moving! I love my life and look forward to everyday and walking helps keep my happiness bucket full.

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