Draper Suspension Bridge

Have you been to the Draper Suspension Bridge? In our attempts to get more active and become more healthy, we’ve been trying to find things to do that we haven’t done before so we Googled things to do in Utah. This is a short hike, mostly uphill on the way up, but around 2miles roundtrip. I’m not gonna lie, I had to stop a few times going up, my husband had no problem….I def need to work on my uphill climb.

Draper Suspension Bridge Hike

Dogs are welcome as long as they’re leashed and you clean up behind them. We saw several dogs, makes me miss our sweet little Aussie. The trail is very clean!

Draper Suspension Bridge Hike

The views from the hike are just gorgeous! I never get tired of seeing the mountains or being on the mountains looking into the valley. I took a lot of photos of the views because it was so amazing to see it from so high above the city.

Draper Suspension Bridge Hike

We made it! Like I said, my husband had no issue, but it was a workout for me. I definitely need to work on my hills though because kids were passing me left and right. hahaha!

Seeing the Bridge for the first time was so exciting because the uphill climb was over, ok the Bridge is cool too but I was definitely excited to have a chill walk down.

Draper Suspension Bridge Hike

I didn’t expect the Bridge to sway when walking over it, it sways y’all! Scared me at first but I got used to it. I have a bad habit of moving things so fast that I miss stuff and I did, I wish I would’ve enjoyed the views from he Bridge more, but I was eager to get off. Next time I’ll enjoy it more!

On our way down we found a little creek nestled in a cove off the trail, such fun little find for me, I love to see & hear rushing water while being surrounded in a cove of trees. Yes please! I could set up my paints and paint all day in that cove!

Lucky for us we had jerky in the car! If you haven’t tried Golden Island Korean BBQ Jerky, go get you some, it’s so yummy! Just the perfect amount after a little hike!

And here’s where our adventure ended…. our favorite Mexican Restaurant everrrrrr, Salsa Leedos in Riverton, Utah! Just like the jerky, if you haven’t tried them, just go, you’ll thank me later!

We have plans to do more adventure this summer and in the future. We’re not wasting time as new Empty Nesters! Lots to see and lots to do! If you take a hike to the Draper Suspension Bridge, I’d love to know what you think.

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