2023 Vision Board

2023 Vision Board

Introducing my 2023 Vision Board! Vision Boards are a great way to keep the life you want right in front of you! It’s my favorite ways to visualize my future and help me stay on track with my goals. I’ve been using some version of a Vision Board for so many years, creating one is my fav way to start the year. We’re just a few short months away from our youngest going to college. Woohoo! So, I went big with my dreams this year! do one every year and sometimes update it throughout out the year depending if it still applies or not.

Having your Vision Board right in front of you at all times is the best way to keep it front and center in your mind! I created a mobile version that I set as the lock screen background on my phone so every time I pickup my phone, which is so many times, I see it! I love it! You can find a few of these on my 101 Things List.

Breakdown of my 2023 Vision Board (from top left to right):

  • Travel! I love going places! Planned and spontaneous getaways are my jam! We both want our passports so we filled out applications for one of our Date Nights! We have 3 trips planned this year.
  • Colored Pants – I’ve wanted colored pants for so long but didn’t want to invest until I lost weight. So long shaming! I purchased the actual red, pink, and blue pants in the photo from Belk. Still looking for navy and lt green.
  • Vision Board Coaching – My goal is to create Vision Board & Goal Board parties. I’ve helped more than 50 people create Vision Boards! For those who didn’t know what they wanted to put on their board, I coached them and they were able to find photos of what they wanted to see and do. I’m planning on adding Goal Board with Coaching as an add-on.
  • Freedom Photo…or as my mom calls it, flashing the mountains. haha! Our family’s been through a lot, I’ve been through a lot! This is a photo of freedom to our/my trials, to choose joy and happiness in spite of it all, and hope for a wonderful future.
  • Tory Burch Flats! Y’all, let me tell you I’ve wanted these shoes for years but haven’t had the guts to pull the trigger on $300 shoes but this is my year! I haven’t found the blush/nude color but I will!
  • Home Soda Fountain, yes please! We love soda! We try to cut back and drink water too. I figured out that this soda setup would pay for itself in a year or two. We love Diet Pepsi but in our home soda fountain, we’d get Diet Coke – it’s better out of a fountain than DP.
  • Gucci Disco Crossbody – I love this bag! It’s a great neutral and the tassel is fun and flirty! The style I want isn’t available on Gucci anymore but I love Fashionphile or TheRealReal to buy luxury items that are from past seasons.
  • Make Money Blogging – I love blogging! I love sharing, writing, creating, and engaging with friends who enjoy the same things as I do, it’s just a fun process for me! I’ve had many blogs and shared a lot but I’ve never tried making money at it so I thought it would be fun to see what can come of it.
  • $100,000 a year – I want to personally earn $100,000 a year! I’ve been a stay home mom for 20yrs, relying on my husband for all the income. Now that I’m only a few months from being an empty nester, I’m ready to reach my full potential and make $100,000 a year! It’s gonna be a fun ride!
  • Custom Fridge – this isn’t the exact fridge but I want a custom counter-depth builtin fridge that matches our cabinets. Can’t wait!
  • 1979 Mercedes 280SL Cream Convertible with Milk Chocolate leather interior in mint condition. I’ve loved this car since I was in high school! You can see my progress on my instagram, click the link. Spring to Fall, this car will upgrade my personal days!
  • Healthy & Fit Body – I love my curves and have not interest in being ‘skinny’ but I do want to be more healthy and be more toned. I have a goal to have a bikini photoshoot for June 2024.
  • Custom Backyard Oasis with Pool, Spa, Fire Pit, Outdoor Living…. you get the idea. Another childhood dream is to have a backyard oasis for daily swims, family get togethers, entertaining, etc. Complete with an outdoor kitchen and heated pool. Let the parties begin!
  • 9th&Mayne Stickers on Main St. – I love my business 9th&Mayne on Etsy and would love to expand my products into more stationary and paper goods, planners, calendars, tote bags, mugs and more. 9th&Mayne is near and dear to my heart and I look forward to where it will go!
  • Leavonworth, WA – I’ve heard so many amazing things about Leavonworth so we’re super excited to check it out! It’s a Bavarian-styled village in central Washington State. We’re planning a 3-4 night stay, fly into Seattle, take the train to Leavonworth, back to Seattle where we’ll rent a car and drive into Canada to do some exploring, then home.
  • Lake House in Garden City, Utah or Eden Utah or …. well, wherever we find the perfect place. It might be a cabin or a lake house but either way a home away from home is on my Vision Board. A getaway to slow down and enjoy!
  • Draper James x Linus Betty Bike – I’m in love! This bike is what my biking riding dreams are make of! That’s all.

And there you have it! My 2023 Vision Board! I love everything about it!

Do you have a Vision Board? Do you need help creating a Digital Version? Leave a comment or send me a message and I can help you create one!

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