Personal Day at the Art Garden

July Personal Day at The Art Garden in Murray, UT. The day started with a hair appt to add more pink, then off to the Art Garden, I bought the Bee Coasters for my desk! I had lunch next door at Garden Espresso Cafe where I got my usual GF Turkey Sandwich, Lays chips, Diet Coke, and a GF chocolate chip cookie. They have indoor and outdoor seating depending on wheather. I love my Personals Days and have been doing them for 15yrs, or more. Would uou like to see more about my Personal Days?

Check out my 7 Tips for Creating a Personal Day post to start your own Personal Day! Do you have a day just for you? Want to see more about my PDays? Let me know in the comments.

I only took a video so here’s some snapshots of the video, haha, I’ll get better at this….I’m rusty at blogging. I’m a sucker for tiny things, I love them!

I’m also a sucker for tea sets! This one is so cute and I love the lavender flowers! So cute! The whole store is filled with cute things!

I went ahead and bought these coasters, everything about these are super cute! Reminds me of Draper James style, a style that I love! I want to take a trip to Nashville, TN, just to goto DJ! haha! I’d see other places too!

I just loved this platter, that’s all!

I’d love to know if you do a PDay! Let me know in the comments.

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