Lavender Festival, Millville, Utah

Roadtrip Anyone?

The Lavender Festival, Millville, Utah, is just 45 minutes North of Salt Lake City, Utah. Craft booths, Lavender Lemonade, music, and more. Lots of fun! It’s a small festival, smaller than expected but awesome just the same! Just one thing, it. was. hot! Like really hot outside! Note to self, don’t were a denim jacket!

We started our day making sure all the proper necessities were in my bag. Planner, water bottle, wallet, iPad for doodling, and business binder…. the ride to Millville is an hour north from us so I grabbed all the things I might need to make the ride more fun and productive. I always overpack!

Stopped at Maverik for gas and to fill-up our drinks! Maverik is truly our Adventures First Stop, and sometimes Last Stop too! Gassed up and ready to get this Day Trip going!

This man right here is my favorite person ever! He’s the best! We’ve spent almost 22yrs together and I wouldn’t trade any of it! Living our best midlife together is what dreams are made of for me!

Tagge’s Fruit Stand

We stopped at Tagge’s Fruit Stand in Brigham City to grab some snacks and woah, this place is amazing! It’s by far my fav fruit stand ever!….more like an outdoor store, maybe, anyway it’s pretty cool! The old trucks were the first thing I saw and made great curb appeal, how fun is that! Two old trucks!

The back of the store is a shop with street signs, stationery, t-shirts, etc. I loved the back, so many fun things to look at! I’d go back just to explore more of the shop!

I won’t lie, I was more interested in the fun products than the fruits and veggies, the whole peach vibe was making me want to grab one of everything! I resisted tho, totally regretting it now!

We ended up with some jerky and passed on everything else. We had no idea what goodies were in store for us at the festival so we opted out of the many things I would’ve taken home with me.

Arrived in Millville and made our way to the Lavender Festival, 510 E 300 S, Millville, UT 84326-7642. Cars were parked way down the street so we figured we were in the right place.

It was a bit of walk along this stream, so pretty! I love hearing water trickling down. We followed the stream until we made our way through a park, where we walked through to cross a small bridge to the Festival. Let me just say, that park, is covered with trees! It’s beautiful! I almost jumped in the splash pad, it was hot outside!

Lavender Festival by The Lavender Apple.

Come celebrate the lavender harvest and summer with us and 30 artisan vendors. With free horse-drawn wagon rides, delicious food and a beautiful setting this is an event you won’t want to miss!

The Lavender Apple

So many shops, so little time! I met an Insta friend, Kenna at CacheClay, and other fun vendors while walking around. I purchased a mug from CacheClay and an art print from Masha Lawrence.

Have you been to the Lavender Festival in Millville Utah? I’m already looking forward to another Lavender Lemonade so I think we’ll be back!

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