Hall Bath Inspiration Board

Guest Bathroom Inspiration Board full of dark green colors with wood and gold tones with florals. The Sassy Mom

As a new Empty Nester, I’m deep diving into my hobbies and things I love so here’s a peek at our Hall Bath Makeover & Inspiration Board! We’ve lived in our home over two years and I’ve barely decorated! It was just 6 months after our daughter passed when we moved so I’ve taken lots of time to just be, I’m grateful I did. I’m feeling the bug tho, that decorating bug, that’s all consuming with rushes of dopamine. It’s like a drug. haha!

—> A little about me and my decorating, I’ve been in love with home decor/interior design for a long time and have enjoyed decorating and redecorating our last home of 18yrs. It’s a passion! I love mixing styles, patterns, florals, nature and quirky things, and I can’t go without wood tones, gold, and pops of glam. I do sometimes go overboard and deep dive into decorating resulting in burnout so I try to spread out projects and stay balanced.

Green cake with simple and delicate flowers in the colors of teal, cream rust red, and gold.

This is the inspiration for our bathroom, a cake! Isn’t it a beauty! If you don’t follow Roberta Oda on Insta, go check out her cakes, so pretty and fun! So much about this cake is exactly what I was looking for, can’t explain it but it represents our bathroom makeover very well.

Green bathroom with wood tines and gold fixtures

After finding the cake I went looking for a moody green bathroom on Google Images. I found this bathroom, it’s pretty; wood tones, gold, green walls, plantation shutters, cabinet with cute things, yep, it has my heart! This is the inspiration pic I found first, after the cake, and fell in love! I’m not painting the walls just yet tho, I’ll get everything else in and see how I feel.

First item I ordered is this green shower curtain with gold sequins at Walmart, we’ll see how it looks when it gets here, I have high hopes!

I’ve ordered some other things for our hall bathroom too and my husband is helping with a project that I hope turns out cute. I know not everything will be exact as the hall bath inspiration board and that’s ok

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