Homemade Christmas Card & Procreate Time-lapse

So happy about our Homemade Christmas Card! Procreate is Awesome! So easy to use! AND it’s cheap! Creating Christmas Cards haven’t been on my list for many years, wishful thinking mostly. I’m still in shock we got family photos and a card done and it’s still the beginning of Dec. I’m thinking I’m a little bit of a Rockstar right now! Check out the the Procreate Time-lapse below….

As you can see I tried to do a bow but it wasn’t working for me, I went with Holly & Berries instead. I tried several different brushes and colors before I found the right greens and reds. All I knew when I started designing was I wanted white hand-drawn letters. Turned out pretty nice, right?!

Procreate never fails to entertain me with time-lapse’s of my work. Haha! I guess I’m easily entertained. Have you tried Procreate? It’s by far my fav program to create digital art! I’m a fan of ClipStudio and Adobe Fresco too just haven’t taken the time to play with them.

After getting the design all good in Procreate, I sent the image to Adobe Illustrator….my fav program!! I made them each 4.75×7.25. I love this size but realized later that envelopes were a little more difficult to find. oh well. I still love the size and eventually found red envelopes!

I used my trusty Epson 15000 printer to print these babies out! Epson is my favorite printer company! Always beautiful! My last Epson lasted 10yrs!!! I printed on Koala 66lb Inkjet Matte Photo Paper, (this one’s out of stock but here’s the glossy version) I love the feel of this paper!

Trimmed these little cuties with my Carl Paper Cutter. I’ve had this probably 9yrs and just replace the blades and blade runner when needed. I’m looking for a more heavy duty cutter to cut more bulk but if you’re looking for a good cutter, check this one out!

Rounded corners are my fav things for paper products! My stickers sheets, cards, etc., are almost always sporting round corners. I have the Sunstar Pro with three different sizes of corners.

And there you have it! Homemade Christmas Cards, that are pretty awesome, if I do say so myself! I’m pretty proud of myself for making cards, it’s been many years since we had Christmas Cards to send out. I’ll be sending our cards via snail mail and digital mail.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

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