Day Trip to Garden City, UT

I love any kind of Road Trip! Whether it’s a day trip, or on the road for several days! There’s so much to see and the thought of leaving my daily chores and/or to do list behind, is a bit magical, especially with my husband! It’s just fun being in a car, on the road, stopping at Maverick for gas and snacks, seeing new places, even it’s local stuff. I’m not much of a flyer, something I’m working on changing, so car rides are my jam!

Our first stop was Sweet Cake Bake Shop, an Dedicated Gluten Free Bakery. It’s my favorite bakery of all-time! We’ve been going there since they started many years ago in Kaysville. They recently, well a couple years I think, moved to a charming place on Main Street in Bountiful, Utah. If you’re local you’ll want to check it out, it doesn’t taste GF at all!

We made our way North through snow covered mountains and lots of trees, towards Bear Lake / Garden City, Utah, it was beautiful….hold-on, I’ve lived here over 25yrs and never knew this existed, I bet this is gorgeous when it’s all green! I’ll def need to do this drive again! It was relaxing! I took so many pictures! We live in SLCounty, it’s desert country, not like Vegas or Nevada but still desert.

We came up on Garden City, or we could see Bear Lake at least, and started our descent down a 7% grade downhill, it was fine. Seriously I could live here, no problem! It’s charming, has lots of trees, not much traffic -off season, and it’s just my vibe. I’ve wanted a Lake House bnb a longtime, maybe this would be a good place? Well see.

We couldn’t pass up this cute candy store, we grabbed a couple Sarsaparilla’s and a few candies and we’re on our way for more ‘sightseeing’. It was a Sunday so not much going on. We definitely want to go back to see a play at the Pickleville Playhouse!

It was getting late so we headed back home. The sun was gong down so the drive was different, more still, interesting how moods change during the day.

I’m excited to go back to Garden City this Spring/Summer to enjoy all the fun it has to offer during peak season. I want to learn how to Stand Up Paddle Board on Bear lake, see a play, have fun with my husband, buy souvenirs, get a tan, shopping, you know…. spend a few days vacationing in the sun!

I’m looking forward to our next road trip to anywhere! If you love a good car ride too, check out my new stickers in my Etsy shop…. perfect for your next Road Trip!

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