Evermore Farmer’s Market & Bazaar

Evermore Farmer’s Market & Bazaar FREE ADMISSION

I’ve been a fan of Evermore since the very beginning so I was pretty excited when I heard about Evermore’s Farmer’s Market & Bazaar! If you’ve wanted to see what Evermore is like this is your chance! Free to get in and you can see everything! Train rides, food, activities, etc. aren’t available until the evening tho, but some vendors have treats, snow cones and ice water.

FREE ADMISSION! Every Saturday 9am-2pm June 3, 2023 – October 28th, 2023

I’m usually a ‘wing it’ kinda girl so I don’t use maps much but I love this one! Illustrations have my heart! It’s def helpful to look at the map before going to see where the bathrooms are, food, etc. When we first went years ago the train wasn’t even started so the next time we go during working hours I want to try it!

Our son, in the cloak, is a home-body so he doesn’t like to get out much. It was fun that he came with us to check out the Market & Bazaar. He’s 17 and the youngest of our 7 kids, and he graduated high school almost two years early, I treasure time with him! I absolutely love that he wore his cloak!

Evermore Theme Park

The park is a little magical place in the middle of a small city! It seems a bit small from the outside but when you’re inside it feels larger, to me at least. Themed stuff is my jam so all the fun details of this place is eye candy! I’d love to put together a costume to wear the next time we go, hopefully for Aurora.

Middle aged woman taking a selfie with Evermore park behind her.

It was hot! I’m just saying! If you’re going to the Bazaar be prepared for the sun! Utah summers can be hot, mid 90’s mostly, but the evenings cool off fast. The last time we went it was Halloween / October, it was very cold and super fun!

Free range white  bunnies at Evermore Park

I was surprised to see these bunnies roaming the park! The were so cute, digging then flopping in the cool dirt, so adorable! We have a Jersey Wooley bunny, about half the size of these guys, he wouldn’t like being outside! haha.


These bags are all handmade by the vendor, very cool! Almost all the vendors were dressed in costume so it made it even more fun to see the pieces they made. I forgot the vendors name, bummer!

Isn’t that cute! What a fun way to dress up an Elf ear!

Crocheted earrings! So cute!

I loved this field of flowers art! I meant to go back for it but totally forgot! – Wild Ginger Studio.

Not everything was handmade and on-theme but cute just the same! I picked up this sticker, it’s my motto so I had to have it! hehe! Like my naked nail?! Getting my nails done soon!

The Park

There’s really not a lot I can say to sum up Evermore, hopefully the pics and videos helps share the feel of the park? This is the first time I’ve gone in daylight so it was fun to see where I was going.

One of my favorite things was the music in the background, it just makes set the tone and mood for the park! I hope you enjoyed my little tour of Evermore Theme Park Farmer’s Market & Bazaar!

Have you been? Have your been on the train? Next time we go I want to:

  • Ride the Train
  • Try the food
  • See a show
  • Try Axe throwing
  • Dress-up 🙂

This year I want to go in December for Aurora, it’s a Charles Dickens Victorian Christmas theme with an ice skating rink and everything! Sounds magical!

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